Providing support services to Charities



glConsultancy Services is a small Consultancy seeking to provide individual support to Charities where sometimes a small piece of work or larger review will make a big difference to the direction, focus, effectiveness or resilience of the Charity.

Services are offered following experience gained in the past 22 years working in the Charity Sector. Our expertise comes from working with organisations and projects, working with young people with additional support needs, long-term unemployed adults, lone parents, children, returners to the labour market with multiple barriers and those with mental and physical health difficulties, often with no core or multi-annual funding.

Having worked at leadership level for the past 18 years we are well aware of the challenges faced in securing funding and delivering against often exclusively "hard" targets set by Funders. We are also aware that often Third Sector Organisations are not good at publicising their successes and the real value of what they do as they are so busy delivering a service. Sometmes you have to take a step back and look again at what you do, how you do it, why you do it, who should contribute to the cost of what you do and question are you articulately communicating your impact and the difference you make?

Other hard questions Charities often have to ask are about staffing; what roles do I need, are we getting the most out of the staff we have, could things be done differently/ more effectively, are staff fully aware and involved in strategy/ evaluation/ development?

If any of the above sounds familiar, maybe we can help!

Areas of potential support

- All aspects of Fundraising

- Bid writing/ Application Completion

- Measuring and Achieving Impact

- Staff Training and Development

- Portfolio Development

- Compliance, Audit, Procedural Training and Review (including ESF Systems)

- Strategy, Change Management and Development

In the past 12 years we have managed and the supported the delivery of over £2m worth of Funding annually.


Telephone: 07562375471